Can Astrology Win You a Bingo Game?

All you faithful fans may have noticed something special went up on WDW last week; our very first Bingo Horoscope! From now on horoscopes will be a regular feature on the site, so remember to keep checking back. If Horoscope Symbolsyour fortunes have changed, it might even help to switch your bingo tactics accordingly.

Astrology has been around since the dawn of time, literally, since stars were out there long before the human race got going. From the Indians, to the Chinese, to the Mayans, many ancient cultures once depended on elaborate (some may say overly complicated) systems to interpret the stars or worship celestial bodies.

However, horoscopes in particular are more of a Western invention, using the positions of Sun, Moon and Stars at the time of a person’s birth rather than current alignments. Most modern, professional astrologers use this information to read a person’s personality, past and future. What we want to know is: can this information help determine the results of a bingo game?

In an effort to answer this question, our researchers at WDW tracked down several prominent astrologers on the subject. For our first interview, we approached Patrick Arundell, who explained that people are able to make their own luck by being aware of the background influences of planets, then making smart moves accordingly.

Patrick Arundell described how “essentially when it comes to things like bingo, people believe that certain zodiac signs, Aries, Taurus etc, may be more fortunate on certain days, and that CAN be true.” It looks like there is such a thing as just having a lucky break, or a bad day!

Mr Arundell goes on to explain how “fortune more accurately can be based off an individuals’ exact birth details of Date, Time, and Place, because some people’s lives can have potentially fortunate ‘aspects’ or influences. Such individuals could be serial “gainers” in games of chance and competitions throughout their lives. For example, someone could have Venus Conjunct Jupiter which could be very beneficial.”

To confirm this opinion, we interviewed another expert astrologer, Jeff Prince. Working on the theory that an astrologer can improve chances of winning a bingo game, Prince stated “much depends on the placement of Jupiter (luck), Uranus (out of the blue developments) and Venus (money) forming alignments conducive to lucky, sudden financial gains and which house(s) they occupy. Jupiter/Uranus aspects in a personal chart often indicate chances of unexpected gains but the fact that such aspects occur so rarely supports the chances of jackpot wins being very rare too!

“Winning money is usually attributed to the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th houses, which planets occupy these houses and their respective ruling planets. The 2nd house represents wealth and material possessions. The fifth house represents gambling. The 8th house represents money that comes from sources other than earnings. The 11th house rules accumulated wealth, fluctuating money gains and wishes. Jupiter’s presence in any of these houses, combined with links made to both Uranus and Venus can indicate someone likely to be lucky where winning money is concerned.” That would explain why it’s always the same people who seem to get lucky streaks when I play the bingo rooms!

Likewise, tarot cards might also be a useful tool for predicting your bingo wins according to Simply spread out a pack of tarot cards and ask the question ‘Am I going to win on the bingo?’ Choose one card from the spread and read the description. If its a good description then you’re likely to have a bingo win!

Maybe there is a secret society of bingo astrologers, or maybe the only luck in our bingo-loving lives is made by ourselves. Whether astrology can helpful or not, your horoscope is at least still fun to read in the meantime! Today, you folks can look forward to the second in our up and coming series of bingo horoscopes! Educated, professional astrologers believe the stars effect our bingo busting luck, so it couldn’t hurt to take a look. And may the odds be ever in your favour…sorry, we couldn’t resist  the hunger games reference.

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