Best 5 Bingo Memes

What is a Meme?

A meme is an image or catchphrase which spreads rapidly all over the internet; think of it like the flu, travelling from person to person. Usually funny or ironic, online memes could be about anything from a cute fluffy cat to a political scandal. However, our top memes are about bingo of course! Get ready for the giggle fits!

Our Top 5 Bingo Memes are…

5. A comic strip! Cartoons make everything funny. Plus, we just love the “BINGO!” enthusiasm, even if his battleship did sink.

Battleship and Bingo Games


4. Now, this gentleman really reminds us of Alan Sugar. Thanks to random number generators, it’s pretty impossible to cheat at online bingo, but best of luck to him!

Businessman Cheats at Bingo


3. Ha! This is so true for every fan of online bingo! The sweating, the drooling, the angry hand gestures – all he needs is a laptop and a bingo room.

Angry Stick Man


2. Don’t you just hate it when people correct your grammar? Yet, we’re slightly more forgiving of adorable kitties doing it! Even if they do have a lil’ grumpy face.

Grumpy Cat


1. Now this is one gansta’ grandma, although the stereotype of bingo being an old ladies game is pretty outdated! The gun is a nice touch….we just hope it’s a fake.

Grandma Goes To Bingo Night

WDW Bingo

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