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What is it about the internet that makes people throw all caution to the wind? Are we allergic to reading the fine print these day? Well, online bingo sites definitely like to take advantage of impulsive internet buyers. Play wise and stay safe online by keeping track of the tricks and traps so many bingo players fall into. Our list of common promotional cheats and bogus bonus offers should keep you ahead of the game. Note that we will usually avoid naming and shaming where the following ‘promotions’ came from, except for extreme cases.

Can you really win that jackpot?

Now and then, you might come across a site that’s running a special promotional jackpot. This means visitors can receive incredible amounts of money from certain winning conditions, such as getting a bingo in under 30 calls. This is called a sliding jackpot game. Another common condition is daubing a special pattern into the bingo cards, usually all four corners like in the National Lottery instant win bingo game.

However, be warned that the chances of actually winning this jackpot are in fact slim to none. For instance, in a 75 ball bingo game there 24 numbers to daub out for a full house. Getting these 24 numbers within the first 30 calls is about as likely as finding a cheque for billions of pounds on the side of the road. Instead, we recommend playing the sliding jackpot games across Dragonfish network bingo sites, where an incredible £1 million jackpot can be won in 40 calls – much more reasonable odds.

The VIP treatment – or is it?

Bingo VIP ClubBig spenders and high rollers are often given special attention on bingo sites, being automatically entered into a VIP scheme. However, VIP status is usually not for your benefit, but the site’s. For example, one of the most common advantages of a VIP account is being able to make larger deposits, meaning account holders will spend money. In another scenario, VIP players might receive their own personal account manager who will give them special tips and ‘support’, essentially encouraging them to keep playing. Therefore, all these little bonus features are actually nudges to incite more and more spending.

You’ve won; but so has everyone else!

Another common pitfall in bingo sites is the ‘Win a share of…’ style promotions. For instance, £10,000 is a big number right? When players see “get your guaranteed share of the big £10,000”, we assume there must be a good chunk of cash each in prize money, maybe £100 at the very least. In reality, the sheer number of players these promotions attracts will divide the prize money into a pittance; the average player wins just £10 or even less, while a full house winner only gets up to £750 out of thousands of pounds.

Withdrawal and Deposit restrictions!

Wagering RequirementsAlmost every casino or bingo forum online will warn players to check withdrawal and deposition conditions (usually listed in the website footer) before playing on a new site. Many bingo sites will even be blacklisted for their extortionate conditions, so try to make note of these when on the hunt for a bingo game. Common scams include ridiculously high minimum withdrawal rules, sometimes over £100, so a player may never touch their winnings.

With Cassava/Dragonfish powered sites in particular, there seems to be a current trend towards banning members who regularly deposit when offered special deposit bonuses. This means that bargain bingo hunters are being excluded just for playing smart and making money, despite not doing anything against site rules. Check out the “Banned By Cassava: Your Stories” chat for more details.

Deceptive Prizes and Cash Equivalents

Prizes can be cheaper then they look, especially when it comes to technology. There is a big difference between the monetary value of a £300 Kindle and £20 eReader, let alone more expensive products like laptops and tablets. Then there is the problem of smart phones and contracts. A phone that looks sleek and high tech in bingo prize advertisements, may actually just be a chunk of metal you can get free with £10 or less contracts.

Not to mention, if the winner tries to avoid defective goods by asking for a cash equivalent instead, it will usually be much less then the actual value of the prize. That’s if a cash equivalent is offered at all. On one memorable occasion, a brand new £10K car was dropped for a cash substitute of just half that price at £5K.

Bingo JackpotIn conclusion…

It’s all fun and games until your prize goes down the drain! So be sure to read the wagering requirements, terms, conditions and check at reputed forums to find bingo sites which play fair.



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