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Bingo Slowly Edges Into Social Media

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These days, it’s hard to get away from social media. Everything is about the latest Facebook catfight, which hashtags are trending or whether a video has gone viral. Even bingo hasn’t escaped this web of social chatter.



Twitter accounts are used by the big brand names like Gala Bingo, right down to small scale sites like Bingo Lane. By sending out short blasts of information and links to other social media resources (e.g. YouTube), Twitter becomes ideal for quick promotional updates and instant win contests. Plus a Twitter hashtag can become shorthand for the whole iconic brand image; just sing #Ga la la and you get the idea. Twitter is also used to give shout-outs to individual usernames, such as @Laurajnaylor, by name dropping celebrities and fans alike to make everyone feel like part of a closer community.


On the other hand, Facebook pages take a more chilled approach to social networking in the bingo world. Rather than instant fuss over updates, Facebook is instead focused on building up a long term following. If you had to sum it up, Twitter is best for acquiring players, while Facebook is better at keeping those players loyal. Tombola, for example, enjoys over 85,000 likes, daily comments from fans and encourages the sharing of personal photos. It’s essentially an online community.

Bingo on Facebook


Moving onto YouTube, videos advertise a brand message, usually through humour. Every bingo site hopes their videos will go viral, which is why Paddy Power always goes for shock factor like their previous advertisements of ‘kicking a cat football’ or ‘shooting chavs at Cheltenham’. YouTube also has the added benefit of linking in with telly adverts to surround the potential player from all sides. Not to mention, the platform is fantastic for short, behind the scenes style clips, making the audience feel they have a special in to the ‘secrets’ of a bingo site.

Other Social Networks

Mad about Bingo, which trawls the net for the best bingo deals, has even joined the more obscure channels of social media – Google Plus and Pinterest. Considering Pinterest uses picture-based communication, fans will be able to share their winnings screenshots with each other, as well as some humorous bingo memes.  While Google Plus is often thought of as a business-focused network, it could still be useful for reaching out to individuals while they’re bored at work, or potentially attract investors to the bingo site.

With so many streams of information coming at us from all sides, it’s hard to miss anything new in the world of bingo. It seems we just can’t resist phones twittering at the dinner table, or catching up with a cheeky Facebook check while on our work computers.

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