Bingo vs. Lottery

At first glance bingo and lottery can appear very similar; both are games of numbers, both offer cash prizes, and both rely almost entirely on luck. Traditional bingo draw

Bingo definitely has more of risqué reputation than lottery; a certain sense of taboo which is usually associated with proper casinos. Perhaps this is due to the shorter wait for a draw/results, thus allowing problem gamblers to bet again all the more quickly. In fact, many online bingo sites also advertise slots in an attempt to push bingo players into an even more high-risk gambling market.

On the other hand, lottery could be describe as a ‘casino for the masses’, what with lotto stands found in benign, everyday shops like a post office or newsagents. This is especially significant when you consider that bingo players have their own halls and clubs – isolated more similarly to a casino.  Then again, stereotypes tell us that these clubs are frequented by harmless, little old ladies, hardly the casino-going sort. Besides, both lottery and bingo are available online in our modern digital age, or even as an app on mobile phones. This makes it easier than ever to gamble, with rates of participation and (unfortunately) addiction skyrocketing in 2005.

Gamblers should also note that jackpots in lottery games are far, far larger then in bingo. The Euromillions especially spring to mind, which at the moment is on rollover to about £87,000,000.  These jackpots may be enticing, but they are also far harder to win. In fact, you’re probably more likely to get struck by lightning, whereas winning a bingo game is much more feasible.

UK lottery ticketsThe National Lottery itself is perhaps the most trusted lottery source; it’s so prominent that the crossed-fingers logo is easily recognisable even to children. You can use a physical bingo ticket or sign up for an account online. On the website you can even access instant win betting games, as well as easily deposit money in a matter of seconds. This can lead to some horrible overenthusiasm when people spend a little too much. Be careful as well with where you deposit your cash, not just how much; remember there are lots of fraudulent, spammy sites out there in the big wide web – especially in the gambling industry. With both bingo and lottery, always check the homepage footer to make sure the site is licensed!

Expanding their arsenal, the National Lottery even adapts popular non-betting games such as Bejellewed and childhood classics like Hangman. Also, there are arcade games which are played more casually, like Cash Drop, although this one is not quite as satisfying when you can’t hear the clash of coins tumbling down. At the National Lottery site, the more money you bet on an instant win, the better either your odds of victory or the bigger jackpot. Games range from 25p to £5 per go. Providing additional entertainment is always important for a waiting game, especially if these mini games can squeeze out a little more cash at the same time. Online bingo players are often kept busy and happy through chat rooms, where a moderator will keep the conversation flowing and enthusiastic to push up the fun, social factor of this game.

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