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Burning Bright: Using Candles for Good Luck

The Power of Candles

candle hands

If you’re into the more spiritual side of life, or even if you’re just interested in learning about something new, we hope you’ll enjoy this perspective on gambling and luck!

There are many people who have all sorts of superstitions and a range of luck related rituals they use when gambling online. Bingo players can be a particularly superstitious bunch!

If you’re a fan of using outside powers to help increase your luck and fortunes when playing bingo online, then the art of burning candles may be for you.

Candle burning spells have been used for a range of reasons and for possibly thousands of years.

It isn’t surprising that the origins of working with candles are so ancient; consider the awe and mystery that light and fire had on our ancestors.

Fire is of course referred to as “’the spark of life’, and therefore has been viewed with respect, especially because of its primal power to nourish as well as destroy.

Candles and Good Luck

green candle

Candles can be used in spells for good luck and improved finances, which you may find helpful when you want to win big in bingo!

It is easy to get started – all you need is a candle, a few basics and a belief that the spell will work.

Another thing that is essential to keep in mind is your intentions – only practice white magic.

White magic is only for creating positive energy and results, and this should be your mindset before you get started with any candle work.

Colours have different energies and properties, so you should adjust the colour candle you use accordingly.

For good luck in money matters or gambling, a green candle should be chosen. The candle should then be dressed ready for your spell.

The Practice

olive oil

To dress a candle means preparing it with oil as you visualise your wish. There are a wide range of essential and blended oils available, and these can also have a bearing on candle work. For the beginner however, just a basic virgin olive oil you can find in the supermarket will work fine.

Going in one direction, rub the oil from the centre towards the top end of the candle.

Start at the middle of the candle, and with your fingers, rub the oil outwards to the base. Finish anointing the candle by rubbing the olive oil from the middle of the candle up to the top. As you’re dressing the candle, think about the good luck you desire and visualise the end result.

You can do a more advanced spell that involves inscribing and reciting some words, but this is just a basic introduction to the art of candle work.

Why not try this out and see if you see an increase in your good fortune? It’s always worth a try!

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