Cringe-Worthy Bingo Sites

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: August 3rd, 2015

If you’re a big bingo fanatic with all the internet at your fingertips, chances are you’ve stumbled across some sites that are strange, confusing and frankly embarrassing. From names gone wrong, to mascot mistakes, we’ve listed some of the biggest bingo site cringes online for your enjoyment!

50 Shades of Bingo Logo50 Shades of Bingo

Besides the obvious issue of a *ahem* kinky namesake, the site itself is steamy, sexy and…not bingo-like at all. Players are presented with a luxurious purple website, decorated with faint intertwined sex symbols, dark and seductive.

However, like most bingo sites, visitors are encouraged to sign up with a tempting 300% Welcome Bonus. Each bingo room is named studio 1, 2, etc,which is surprising when you consider that they could have referenced Dorian Grey’s ‘Play Room’ from the movie.  Besides traditional bingo, you will also find Retro Games, Ball Games and Virtual Games.

Unfortunately, the site can no longer be found anywhere online. Just as well, because it might have been breaking several copyright laws!

Bingo Wags

From Hilary Duff, to Carrie Underwood, to Victoria Beckham, WAGs are always the center of attention. For women who want to snag a hunky sports player for themselves, WAGs can be a little like role models or even heroes. Is it any wonder that a bingo site was eventually dedicated to them?

However, just like the real life WAG counterparts, this site seems to be reinforcing their ditzy reputation. With lots of slang like “mega-love”, “peace” and “top brass”, the site seems almost childish. Plus, the writers can’t seem to get their grammar right, such as in the tagline “3 easy steps > Register > Deposit >Play, Chat & Win” – that’s five steps, not three.

Skinny Bingo TwitterSkinny Bingo

It’s sad but true that all girls, all women, worry about their weight. “Skinny” bingo seems to try taking advantage of these fears, featuring a skinny blonde bombshell model as their main mascot. In skimpy clothes and revealing her cleavage, this make-believe mascot voices the tie-in Twitter account with cheeky comments like “Going to have to crack that whip”!

Vampire Bingo

In hopes of hopping onto the Twilight bandwagon a few years ago, this site was created from Cozy Games in 2012. It started out a neon pink colour, which was harsh on the eyes. Plus, the homepage centers a sexy, ginger vampire mascot on live chat to help support guests. All together the site had a gaudy image, but some great games and a loyal network of players to made up for it’s faults.

Thankfully, a recent redesign improved the site’s look, introducing a cartoon style and cute animated characters, including cats and bats. Now you can enjoy playing under the light of a beautiful bingo ball moon and grab a jackpot from the ghouls!


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