Ever Heard of 50 Ball Bingo?

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: June 16th, 2015

Short and sweet; 50 ball bingo is on the rise…

While 90, 80 and 75 ball bingo are the most common online, its safe to safe that 50 ball and even 30 ball games are experiencing a huge boost in popularity. This recent demand for shorter, speeder bingo sessions reflects our craving for instant wins, similar to fast-paced casino slots and scratch cards. The modern world has made us used to instant gratification and ‘on demand’ convenience.

But how do you play 50 ball bingo? After all, it would be difficult to get a full house in so few calls. Well first off, each ticket only displays ten numbers and the amount of tickets you can by is more limited then usual. This makes the game as fair as possible. Balls are numbered from 1-50, selected randomly and called.

By the end of the game there will be two winners; the first to get a single line of numbers and the first to get a full house. Due to playing with fewer balls, the usual second line prize is missed out. Whether a player actually daubs their tickets or not, winners are tracked automatically by the game’s software, ensuring you can’t lose because of a poor attention span.

To save you from hunting all over the internet for 50 ball bingo games, lots are available on many of the top online bingo networks. This includes Cozy Games and Dragonfish. We recommend playing on Live Bingo Network sites such as Booty Bingo, Buttercup Bingo, Vampire Bingo and much, much more. Live Bingo Network now boasts over 40 cracking bingo sites for you to choose from and usually launches a new site every month! There is certainly a theme for everyone across all these sites, not to mention some big bonus offers to enjoy.

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