Generate Your Own Bingo Cards

Did you know it’s possible to make your own bingo cards?

It is! Thanks to online card generators like Bingo Baker and Print-Bingo, anyone with access to a computer and printer can whip up their own bingo rounds in seconds. Best of all, this service is completely free! For instance, we looked up the most popular TV shows (“Fandoms”) on the social networking site tumblr, and came up with a great buzzword bingo sheet to test how telly crazy you are:

Fandom Buzzword Bingo

The result is a sleek, professional bingo card, also available in pdf format, no installations required. Furthermore, many bingo card generator sites also include forums, allowing users to post questions, ideas and stories about the bingo cards created. Needless to say, you can also input traditional numbers rather than buzzwords, then print off a few tickets for you and you’re friends. Why not go that one step further and host a bingo night in your own home? You could each put in a bit of money or decide on a prize! Make a big event of it!

We can also use these buzzword cards to find out how bingo obsessed all you lovely ladies are. Try your luck at the bingo card below. How many boxes can you tick off?

Bingo Buzzword Game


WDW Bingo

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