Grab Your Dauber

If you’re just playing bingo online or at home, we have one word for you – daubers!

You fab folks are missing out on all the great ways to accessorise a bingo experience. Head down to your local bingo hall to see all the cool, cute or down right creepy daubers in play, or even click right over to a specialised shop like Thomas and Anca online to buy your own.

Daubers, spotters, whatever you want to call them; they come in all shapes and sizes. Best of all though, are the novelty daubers! You can get giant markers, which require two hands to hold and even a hand grip to keep you steady.

You can get glow in the dark ink; turn off all the lights and look out for the glow to see whose winning. You can support your favourite soap with some Coronation Street characters or celebrate rock and roll with an Elvis-shaped style.

Do good with a British Heart Foundation dauber, marked with a tell-tale heart, and know that the proceeds will go to those in need. Buy a dauber of your favourite political figure like Barrack Obama and march him round the room. Alternatively, buy a dauber of your most hated political figure just to flush them down the toilet! Get reindeer daubers for Christmas and skeleton daubers for Halloween. Get daubers in all the colours of the rainbow, and then some!

Plus, you can try out some funky dauber art, which is a great activity to set the family to. Its especially fun for young children! Get ideas at

In short, we’re dauber crazy here at WDW Bingo, and we think you should go dauber crazy too!

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