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Keeping Kids Busy: Top 10 Tips for a Bingo Mum

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: November 17th, 2014

All mums need a break from the toddler tizzys and temper tantrums now and then; that’s practically what online bingo was made for!

Child having fun

Here’s a few tips and tricks for keeping the kiddies out of your hair while you get back to the bingo rooms. Lets face it – with Christmas holidays coming up fast, you’re going to need all the help you can get!

1. Have a treasure hunt

Make a pirate-style treasure map or a series of riddles for the kids to find a hidden prize somewhere in the garden or house. It doesn’t have to be expensive or big, since its more the journey that counts in this case. I recommend heading to Tiger or perhaps your local £1 shop to pick up some edible goodies and tiny toys.

2. Create a Summer Diary

Encourage the little ones to keep a Summer Diary or photo album. They can take photos of special days and write about them. You could also write little tasks in it yourself, such as ‘colour in this picture’, or ‘make a collage of these photos’, or even ‘tea-stain this page’. It can become a regular activity book as well as a great keepsake when they grow up a bit. Plus, the variety could keep them busy for hours.

3. Try origami

Its easy to find and print off some origami templates from online. There are plenty of fun, easy shapes that even the littlest children can learn. Plus, you could get some pretty decorations out of it, like flowers and cranes! Fancy something simpler? Even paper chains and airplanes count! You could also teach your kids how to make a fortune teller to play with all their friends.

4. Visit the library

Take a day trip out to your local library and have the kids do some reading in the children’s corner. They be busy in no time with their noses buried in picture books and being dotted on by the librarians. You can keep an eye on their antics from a nearby computer – with a bingo site on screen!

5. Get them outside

Have an older child take the kids out biking or for a frisbee game at the park (cousins are always useful for this). Maybe even buy a sandbox for your garden, though be careful to keep a lid on it or else local cats will discover a new litter box! Be warned, you may have to wait a few months to see any sunshine.

6. Start them on a game, jigsaw or puzzle

Children just won’t give up when presented with a challenge – any board game should do. Games that the kids won’t need much help with (like Candy Land and jigsaw puzzles) are best. Try not to use difficult games like Monopoly, unless there is an older child who can help the younger ones. Alternatively, download fun worksheets. Not only is this a great way to sneak in some learning, but most children really enjoy it so long as they don’t realise they’re actually doing work!

7. Pop a DVD into the telly

We recommend Frozen as this year’s big best seller in kid’s films. The right movie or TV show can keep children occupied for hours. Just be sure it doesn’t work too well or you might have trouble prying them away from the screen!

8. Give them some video games

Games like ‘The Sims’, ‘Little Big Planet’ or ‘Mathletics’ are very child-friendly without any violence. They can be extremely educational too.

9.Buy a cheap disposable camera

This is a fantastic way to entertain your little photographer without risk of them breaking a digital camera. You can let your kiddies lose in the house and garden, gathering more pictures for their Summer Diaries.

10. Arrange a play-date.

Get in contact with another mum in the area you trust and take turns hosting a play-date. Not only will your little one be glad for the company, but by taking turns in watching out for the kids, you will get some much needed rest as well.

P.S. Once you have time to spend with them, tell them that you are sorry that you didn’t have time to play with them today, and that you will take them somewhere special tomorrow.

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