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Jump on the bingo bandwagon with this unique nail art craze!

Fans of online bingo everywhere have been painting their nails, bingo style; we’ve noticed a sudden flood of these little pics all over the internet. Nail art actually firstly emerged in ancient Babylonia when males coloured their nails with kohl. After hundreds of years, it’s amazing nail art is still around to this day.

Modern nail art hit the peak of its popularity in 2012 when a documentary, titled ‘NAILgasm’, was released to explore its increasing prominence in high fashion. In fact, in January of this year, Nailpolis: Museum of Nail Art had its grand opening, where nail artists and hobbyists now gather to share their ideas and designs.

Check out some fab bingo nail art below:

Nail Art 1

There’s not much bingo in this image, but it makes up for that with glitter! Plus, the index finger’s speech bubble is similar to comic book styles, giving the nails a cute, childish flair. Altogether, a simple but sweet design – with perfect white tips!



Pirate Nail ArtEven though just one nail is dedicated to bingo, its positioned next to a pirate face, reminding us of the brilliant ‘Booty Bingo’ website. Strong, bold colours and lots of detail make these nails appear all the more striking.



Nail Art 3

This person’s definitely gone dotty with their designing, and that cluster of bingo balls on their ring finger must have taken forever. Brilliant dedication to the game! The spiky bingo blast makes this design even more powerful.



Bingo Nail Art 4

Oh balls! Literally! This image brings us back to bingo basics with traditional circled numbers on each nail. Hmmm, I wonder if they’re lucky numbers? Delicate black patterns swirling around the nails’ edge add a lot of elegance, giving them that bit of extra ‘oomph’.



Bingo Nails 7

Just look at these glossy, perfectly-shaped French nails! They’d be brilliant even without the bingo twist. I particularly like the tiny gems in the centre, which give this look its extra sparkle.




Ticket Nail ArtInverted French nails puts a clever spin on a classic design, with bingo ball edges rising up from the nail base. The centre nail looks particularly gorgeous – very bright, very colourful, very happy. What’s more, the hand is placed over a bingo ticket! Whoop! Whoop!



Maybe you’ve got some of your own nail designs in mind? Get onto the ‘Contact Us’ page and share the pictures with us now at WDW Bingo!

A recent survey by Professional Beauty, done as part of their monthly ‘insider’ feature, revealed that there’s been a huge growth in 40+ year olds asking for nail art. In fact, 40-50 year olds were the second most popular age bracket in the survey, not far behind the teen market.

This very same age bracket also happens to make up the biggest share of the online bingo community! Feel proud of yourselves ladies! Professional Beauty also found there’s a hot new trend for flip nail art – basically styling the underside of the nail. Does this mean we will see some underside bingo patterns in the near future? I hope so!

P.S. don’t forget to check out Professional Beauty’s November issue to read all of these scandalous survey results first hand!

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