Top 10 Bingo Room Snacks


We all get those cravings when at a computer; surfing the bingo rooms is no different. Check out which snacks by popular demand have made it into our top 10 list of bingo treats…

1. Popcorn

Did you know that without all the buttery toppings, popcorn is actually good for you? Try some skinny popcorn by sprinkling a couple spoons of sweetener (we recommend Stevia) over an otherwise plain bowl. Yum yum.

2. Nut mixes

Perfectly bite-sized and chock full of protein, nuts are definitely suitable as a computer snack. From pistaschios, to walnuts, to peanuts, you can’t go wrong with this superfood – well, so long as you don’t smother them in salt anyway!

3. Chocolate

Everyone loves a cheeky bit of chocolate now and then. We recommended a Curly Wurly bar; not only is it delicious, but surprisingly light at only 115 calories. Try breaking off small chunks to make the treat last longer!

4. Grapes and Berries

For a hot summer’s day, we suggest keeping a bowl of berries or grapes on hand. Besides being good for you, they’re also conveniently sized to just pop in your mouth without much distraction from the computer screen.

5. Wine

If you’re having grapes anyway, why not go all the way and treat yourself to a nice glass of wine? This is the perfect drink for unwinding after a long day and is great to mellow you out for chatting in the bingo rooms. Plus, you get so much choice in type – I’m particular to faintly fruity reds myself. Don’t know how to choose? We recommend WineMag to find the perfect wine for you.

6. Carrot sticks

Carrot sticks are hearty, healthy and will give you fantastic night vision, or so they say. This could come in handy when squinting at the computer screen. Avoid dipping them in hummus though; you don’t want a messy paste like that anywhere near your keyboard.

7. Crisps

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Probably the most common snack in the country, crisps were pretty unavoidable when making this list. Just remember to avoid particularly messy brands like Wotsits and Salt n’ Shake.

8. Coffee

I mention coffee for one reason – caffeine. Sometimes an adrenaline jolt is just what you need to stay on the ball and call bingo. Besides, beans are technically a fruit. Coffee is made from beans. Obviously coffee should count as one of your five a day…..maybe not.

9. Biscuits

A classic British treat for a classic British game of bingo. You can’t go wrong with a pack of Mcvities digestives, especially if you’ve got something on hand to dunk them into. This might be a great combination with the coffee listed above! By the way, it turns out one hundred million McVitie’s biscuits are eaten every day – that’s two packets of McVitie’s biscuits every second!

If you fancy something more savoury to sink your teeth into, crackers work just as well. Perfect for Christmas time coming up, Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese is the number one selling savoury range during the festive season.

10. GrazeGraze Box

Get a surprise selection of nibbles every week if you order a Graze Box. From the decadent to the healthy to the always delicious – there are countless options for you to choose from and lots of unique recipes. Started by a group of seven foodie friends, Graze knows what the people want and are ready to deliver it straight to your door!





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