Top 10 Online Bingo Mascots

We all know a cute, controversial or downright weird mascot can attract us to a particular online bingo site. We seem to love a gimmicky theme and sites know just how to get our attention!

Mascots also serve other purposes, such as bringing a sense of community to the players on the site, helping to create an identity for a site and possibly acting as a lucky charm to players.

WDW have created a list of what we think are the top 10 mascots (for good or for bad) gracing online bingo sites today. Do you agree/disagree? Let us know in the comments box!


10. Bertie the Butterfly (Butterfly Bingo)bertie the butterfly

Bertie is our favourite cheeky butterfly, helping us out around the Butterfly Bingo site. He lives in such a beautiful dreamlike natural world, that the site is one of our favourites in design. Everything just seems that little more magical with an ‘able to talk to humans’ butterfly around!

9. Stan the Pug (Vernons Bingo)stan the pug

Omg, Stan is just tooooo cute! If you’re anything like us at WDW, we adore pugs so much it almost hurts!

How can you resist that gorgeous face, one that will look so sad if you don’t sign up to Vernons Bingo right now and make a deposit? (no.. not those kind, Stan!)

8. Bongo the Clown (Bingola Bingo)

bongo the clown

Now for something quite different perhaps… Do you suffer from Coulrophobia? Well if you’re not sure, you’d better find out before you visit Bingola Bingo!

Luckily none of us at WDW have this phobia, so we’re safe! However we can’t ignore just how creepy Bongo the Clown at Bingola Bingo is… This bingo ball helmeted mascot definitely grabs your attention and stays in your memory though! Pure marketing genius?

7. The Bingo Bunch (Titan Bingo)

the bingo bunch

Titan Bingo has really come up with a lovely idea for their mascot – an entire cartoon family called The Bingo Bunch. The 7 members of the family are a diverse group.

The youngest member is Dexter – a bright blue 23 year old “Graphical Artist” with a rather fetching tash. The most distinguished members of the family are described as 65+ retired bingo lovers Bob and Betsy. A loveable bunch indeed!

6. Buzzby Bear (Gala Bingo)

buzzby the bear

Buzzby is the adorable face of Gala Bingo, and we have a feeling more than one of you have wanted to get your hands on your very own Buzzby teddy!

His exploits have gained him much fame and attention, even from human celebrities! We love him for his willingness to run marathons, do the ice bucket challenge and just generally be a pawsome (had to do it!) mascot!

5. Hetti the Hippo (Hippo Bingo)

hetti the hippo

Awww… this hippo looks so loveable and cuddly! Of course the name Hippo Bingo is catchy in itself, but the addition of such a larger than life character in our Hetti only adds to the appeal of the site.

Hippos only live in exotic climates, so perhaps we like her so much because she also allows us to dream of moving away to Africa with our bingo winnings and becoming an African Queen!

4. City Cat (City Bingo)

city cat

We’re not sure why a cat would be the obvious choice of mascot for City Bingo, but perhaps it’s something to do with the folklore of travelling cats such as Puss in Boots.

In any case, City Cat is a very cute purple cat host to the site. Most people like cats, so if you like cats and online bingo, you’re in heaven!

3. Sunny (Costa Bingo)

sunny costa bingo

Sunny is just such a happy shiny character that its radiating happiness is infectious! There’s no mistaking this sun as being the mascot for Costa Bingo.

Since 2010, Sunny has been brightening up our screens and he’s (yes, apparently it’s a he!) determined to offer us a little slice of island sunshine by giving us great promotions and bingo games. There’s something a little ironic however about the background of Costa’s site being a London landscape…

2. The Birdman (William Hill Bingo)

the birdman

Quirkily cute or just plain freaky? I suppose opinion depends on whether or not you have a problem with those feathered flying creatures!

“Everyone loves a little flutter” says the Birdman as he flaps his wings joyously.  It’s an ideal tagline for getting new players interested. We all only want to start off small on a new bingo site, and Birdman seems similarly like the ideal non-threatening mascot to welcome us in.

1. Foxy (Foxy Bingo)


Foxy has been the face of Foxy Bingo since the site launched in 2005. Not an obvious choice for an online bingo mascot, Foxy has become one of the most well-known faces in bingo! In fact so much so, we hear (no sources mentioned…) that a few years ago someone actually whipped the original Foxy head right off the person wearing the Foxy costume at the time, and just ran off with it!

There’s something alluring about Foxy – is it his dapper suited and booted look? Perhaps his smooth lines have us like putty in his hands? However some say they find this foxy character extremely sinister. Maybe that’s the appeal? That we just can’t work out whether he’s comedy cool or dastardly dodgy…..?

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