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 What’s your perfect holiday…?

Every bingo player, well the ones worth their balls anyway, will keep a lookout for the best prizes to be won online. For example, Gala Bingo is running a great iPad mini giveaway, and even here at WDW we’re planning Christmas goodies for all our top bingo fanatics. However, one of the most coveted prizes is a packaged  holiday; nothing else can quite compare to that special treat of sun, sand and sea. Here on site, we’ve lined up some of the best holiday wins for you to gasp and ogle over, so have a look – just be sure to find your way back to reality when you’re done!

Thomson Dream Cruise

1. Gala’s Dream Cruise

This is the whooper! Gala is offering 10 lucky members the voyage of a lifetime on luxury cruise ship – Thomson Dream. For a whole week, Gala winners will enjoy the ship’s four restaurants, six bars, three lounges, a nightclub, beauty salon and even a casino.

Winners are selected from different regions all over the UK, and include Rosie Ford, 56, from Weymouth and ‘Lucky’ Lynda Pritchard, 58, from Blackburn. Both have decided to take their sisters with them, turning a potentially romantic rendezvous with the Mr into a girl power adventure. Mrs Ford said “I couldn’t believe it. I’m taking one of my sisters as she cares for our mum and works really hard.”

Once on board, these deserving ladies will be greeted with a champagne reception as well as three exclusive Gala Bingo sessions in a private room through the cruise. It’s enough to send my little bingo-loving heart all a-flutter. Setting sail across the Mediterranean, Thomson Dream cruise will pass through many of Europe’s top tourist getaways, including Toulon in France, Livorno in Italy and Barcelona in Spain.

Mrs Ford, a first time winner, exclaims “I’m just overwhelmed by it to be honest with you. [Bingo’s] the only social thing I have – with the dog and the two girls. It’s absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait. I haven’t had a proper holiday in years, not what you’d call a holiday.”


2. Tombola’s Exotic HoneymoonMauritius

Terrix Melville, 52, won herself a tropical honeymoon to the island of Mauritius, supplied by Tombola, officially the UK’s most popular bingo site.

A regular in the Tombola bingo rooms, Terrix mainly just enjoys chatting to fellow players and friends; the bingo is a bonus. With such frequent playing, she was bound to win something eventually, but this is in fact the SECOND holiday Terrix has won from the bingo giant. It is, however, a much needed getaway when we consider all the stress that comes with being a working mother of three. As a call centre team manager, our winner was actually at work when she received the good news!

To win the holiday, competitors were asked to identify a picture of Tombola’s dream destination. Even if the answer was correct, odds of winning were still slim aagainst 8,000 other hopefuls across the country. Unsure of the photo, Terrix took a guess at Mauritius, and was successful. She claims “I have seen the tombola adverts a few times and thought I’d love to go there, but never in a million years did I think that I would get the opportunity to go somewhere so exotic!”

Terrix and her husband of three years (but partner of 21 years), Raymond, were married in Las Vegas among friends and family. They never got a proper honeymoon. Now, thanks to Tombola, they are planning to at last take that romantic trip around Valentine’s day, escaping the biting cold of February for more sunny tropical shores.

3. Super Lucky Cottage FunCottages4You

Have you ever heard of Big Kid Bingo? It’s not a bingo site. It’s a real life activity run by All you have to do is complete exciting challenges when out with the family, from making a daisy chain to mini golf. You are provided with a bingo card, featuring 34 different challenges to sink your teeth into, but you only 25 to Bingo! Be sure to take photos/videos of the challenges as proof.

The prize is £1000 worth of vouchers to spend on a cottage holiday. Cottages are supplied by the popular Cottages4You holiday destinations site, where you can find great offers in the UK, Channel Islands, France and even Italy. Our personal favourite is a beautiful poolside vacation home in Tuscany, and at only £400 for one week, you’d have lots of cash to spare!

Alternatively, get just four corners, or five in a line and you’ll be in the monthly draw to win one of these cool prizes: a Super Soaker water pistol, Rounders set, £50 food hamper, portable BBQ, picnic basket, kite, Binoculars, or a £50 outdoor clothing voucher. The theme is ‘Be Active’, so prizes are all specially chosen to get your family adventuring in the great outdoors.

However, the best part of this competition is that you can still enter! Its running all the way up until the end of November; plus, it’s a brilliant excuse to bury your husband in sand…and maybe just, you know, leave him there.

Now that we can see exactly which bingo getaways are up for grabs, I decided to check how they measure up against other popular holiday destinations. For this reason, I got in touch with one of the most well liked vacation review sites online; Be sure t0 check them out if your going abroad! According to Zoover’s expert opinion, the top 5 most visited destinations on Zoover UK are:

1.       Spain – Tenerife / Playa de las Americas

2.       Portugal – Albufeira

3.       Spain – Lanzarote / Puerto del Carmen

4.       Spain – Lanzarote / Playa Blanca

5.       Spain – Benidorm

Wow – looks like the sun, fun and surf style of Spain is most sought after by holiday seekers these days. Tombola’s tropical honeymoon to the island of Mauritius comes closest; well done, Tombola!

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