Top 5 Crazy Bingo Ads

When Bingo Met The Telly Box….

Check out the craziest bingo ads ever to enter our lives, filled with dancing, smiles and screaming (the good kind). Just click on an image and get swept away in a hilarious Youtube video adventure!

1. Wink Bingo’s Dancing Dog

Nothing quite gets the internet going more then a pet doing people things. Yep, the web is bursting with Lol Cat memes and musically inclined hamsters gone viral. It was only a matter of time before the bingo world caught on, so check out this adorable doggy as he dances the Irish jig to a winning jackpot!

Dog dancing the Irish jig

2. Paddy Power’s Pooping Pigeon

Paddy Power is well known for pushing the limits on controversy and randomness. Just remember moments like ‘tranquilise the chavs at Cheltenham’ and ‘kicked the cat football’. So of course, this little birdie is no different. The ad follows a robot pigeon as he flies about pooping pink goop on people’s heads. Apparently, this brings bingo players good luck, and weirder still…the victims enjoy it! We did have a little giggle watching people run for some of the gunk.

Paddy's Pigeon

3. Foxy Bingo’s…Foxy

Nothing quite says foxy like, well, a fox suited up and looking groovy. Watch as Foxy Bingo’s celebrity mascot gets followed by hundreds of his female fans! He’s like the pied piper of bingo lovers, leading them all straight to a pumping bingo house party!

Foxy Mascot Suit

4. Bet 365’s Bingo Heads

That’s right – bingo heads. Not bobble heads – bingo heads. Watch as perfectly ordinary people, just like you and me, go about their daily lives. Oh, but their heads have been turned into giant bingo balls. We’ve got to wonder why no one in the advert seems to notice the difference.

Bingo Heads

5. Winner Bingo’s Crazy Dancer

We all have a secret little victory dance now and then. The difference with Winner Bingo is that the dance is not so secret, and definitely not so little! Crazy public dancing is probably not the most original idea, but always amusing. You just can’t go wrong with the classics. Plus, the cheeky, bouncy star of this ad is oddly endearing too.

Crazy public dancing

WDW Bingo

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