WDW Weekly Horoscope

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

Hello again WDW fans! I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, and now I’m sure you’ll be excited to hear what the turning of the New Year has in store for you!
Debbie the WDW fairy xxx

(Week beginning Monday December 29th)

aries signAries (March 21st– April 20th)

You’re in an unusually reflective mood this week, Aries. Well, until that New Year’s Eve bash you’re probably going to! Then you’ll be hard to shake out of the party mood!

Your lucky number: 66

Your lucky colour: Red

Your lucky day: Tuesday


taurus signTaurus (April 21st – May 21st)

If you’re not keen on some of the gifts you received over Christmas, try not to be the bull in the china shop by being brutally honest with the givers of them!

Your lucky number: 15

Your lucky colour: Navy

Your lucky day: Monday


gemini signGemini (May 22nd – June 21st)

Lazing around isn’t normally your style Gemini, and you’ve had to do plenty of it over the festive period. Now you can start your New Year fitness plan by getting out and active!

Your lucky number: 37

Your lucky colour: Orange

Your lucky day: Thursday


cancer signCancer (June 22nd – July 23rd)

Career aspects look excellent for you at the moment Cancer. You should be feeling confident in the role you play, and your hard work will surely pay dividends.

Your lucky number: 3

Your lucky colour: Pink

Your lucky day: Wednesday


leo signLeo (July 24th – August 23rd)

Christmas is now over, and you’re missing the cosiness of not just a toasty fire, but also of family and friends. Don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel.

Your lucky number: 54

Your lucky colour: White

Your lucky day: Friday


virgos signVirgo (August 24th – September 23rd)

You may discover some secret talents this week Virgo. These may even be indications of a new hobby that could help you earn a little extra money.

Your lucky number: 70

Your lucky colour: Green

Your lucky day: Sunday


libra signLibra (September 24th – October 23rd)

Finances may be looking shaky for you currently, but don’t despair Libra. It might be the universe’s way of telling you to just cut down on the shopping sprees a bit!

Your lucky number: 21

Your lucky colour: Black

Your lucky day: Saturday


scorpio signScorpio (October 24th – November 22nd)

After a Christmas of indulgence and relaxing on the diet front, you may be eager to get back on track with healthy eating and exercise. We say: wait until the New Year!

Your lucky number: 18

Your lucky colour: Purple

Your lucky day: Wednesday


sagittarius signSagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

Be careful not to make an enemy this week Sagittarius. You try to mean well with your directness, but some can take the tone you use more personally than you might imagine.

Your lucky number: 75

Your lucky colour: Silver

Your lucky day: Monday


capricorn signCapricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)

Do you have the Midas touch? Capricorns might feel as if they do this week! Take advantage of your lucky streak by being brave with any decisions you need to make!

Your lucky number: 59

Your lucky colour: Gold

Your lucky day: Thursday


aquarius signAquarius (January 21st – February 19th)

Don’t place the burden of all decision making on your own shoulders Aquarius! Others should take responsibility for the organisation of plans also – remind them if you need to.

Your lucky number: 61

Your lucky colour: Brown

Your lucky day: Friday


pisces signPisces (February 20th – March 20th)

Your ability to not worry and go with the flow is greater than you think it is. This week, you’ll find this mindset comes easily – don’t try and subdue it with negativity.

Your lucky number: 40

Your lucky colour: Blue

Your lucky day: Saturday

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