Dragonfish Bingo Sites

We think it’s very unlikely you’ll have read this far without having come across the name of Dragonfish. Not a new name to the industry, they’re one of the biggest, most popular and trusted bingo software providers. Read More

Part of 888 Holdings, Dragonfish have benefited from an investment 888 have made in advanced software applications. With such trusted software, they have an additional string to their bow in terms of maintaining a reliable reputation. This name is a common feature at the bottom of many bingo sites, so this is a very obvious reason as to why they’re hard to miss! And new sites are coming out all the time boasting their name proudly.

Also making Dragonfish hard to miss is their distinctive themed sites, which help players associate their bingo playing experience with their interests. All new sites to the network can be styled with a ‘skin’ for a unique homepage, however many sites will share the same promotions and offers pages otherwise.

What can’t be disputed is Dragonfish’s ability to regularly plan promotions that offer huge prizes, with these often being holidays. Continue reading to see what individual offers and deals each new and established Dragonfish bingo site has available.

Bingo Site Bonus
250% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £35

400% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £50

goodday 500% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £60

300% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £40

blighty 700% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £80

400% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £50

400% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £50

saf 300% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £5 play with £20

sml 400% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £50

iconic bingo 500% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £60


Established right at the time that the online bingo boom started in the mid 00’s, Dragonfish delight players with themed sites and their easy and recognisable style was easy to keep coming back to.

About Dragonfish

They have spent the time since creating high quality sites that have a distinctive quality. These are sites which are characterised by bold, colourful graphics and a youthful feeling overall. There are currently around 100 bingo sites on the Dragonfish network, and new sites are released on a regular basis.

Each provider gives its bingo sites the traditional 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games, but then they also provide them with an additional game to keep the site fresh and interesting. At most Dragonfish sites this game will most likely be High 5 Bingo. This is another name for the Swedish variation of 75 ball bingo. Unlike the traditional 75 ball bingo with only one winner, High 5 bingo produces five.

The game is played on a 5x5 grid with the numbers 1 to 75, and players win with 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines and a full house. High 5 bingo doesn’t have a centre “free” square, which more traditional games of 75 ball bingo do. Therefore you don’t require any specific pattern in order to win.


Despite the ability to customise the skin of each individual site, the fact remains that there’s little to distinguish sites in terms of gameplay. Players of Dragonfish network sites are playing against members of over 100 other websites. This therefore can lead to discrepancies like players who signed up with a 50% deposit bonus playing against members of sites that offer 100% deposit bonuses.

This is often the essential problem with heavily networked sites; you’re playing the same games against the same people. However the benefits of more players is that the bingo rooms are busier, and therefore and the jackpots are likely to be larger.

There are however some sites which are entirely unique and standalone from the rest of the network; Foxy Bingo, for example. This site is licensed and regulated through Cassava Enterprises, which is another subsidiary of 888 Holdings.


Some lovely examples of attractive standalone sites are Sing Bingo and Fancy Bingo. They have a really slick and polished look to them, and retaining some sense of individuality at the same time. Of course it costs much more (around 5 times more) to create a completely unique site, as opposed to a site with a generic skin and a few modifications in terms of games and promotions.

Dragonfish always does well with promotions that offer highly generous prizes, such as holidays. This is largely because it is such a well-established company with the ability to do so.