Paysafecard Bingo Sites (formerly Ukash)

Are you keen to get started playing on bingo sites, but are worried about the security of paying for games? Paysafecard is an easy alternative to entering bank details online – and you don’t even need a credit or debit card to sign up! Read More

All you need to do is exchange some cash for a card, which you can buy at your local supermarket or newsagent, and then you can use this on bingo sites that accept Paysafecard. Being a prepay system, you can spend as little or as much as you like for vouchers, but you can easily keep track of what you do. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that your bank details aren’t being given out to anyone and remain secure.

Take a look at our detailed selection of sites that accept Paysafecard below! Or carry on reading at the bottom of this page to find out more.

Bingo Site Bonus
swg 500% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £5 play with £30

goodday 500% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £60

boyle 300% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £40

Fabulous Bingo Logo 300% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £40

Paddy Power Bingo Logo 500% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £5 Play with £30

Vernons Bingo Logo 500% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £5 play with £30

300% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £5 play with £20

500% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £5 play with £30

300% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £40

New Bet365 Bingo Logo 400% Deposit Bonus
Deposit £10 play with £50


Although Paysafecard was first launched in 2015, you might already be familiar with their payment process - this is because Paysafecard is the successor to the popular online system Ukash, which was accepted at a wide variety of bingo sites.

About Paysafecard

Paysafecard is an electronic cash prepayment-based provider which allows you to make purchases and play online safely, all without the need for a debit or credit card. To use Paysafecard you simply purchase a card which is loaded with your funds, and enter the 16-digit PIN when spending money online.


• With a Paysafecard, it’s easy to impose a limit on your spending – because you’re effectively paying by cash, there’s no way to run up a debt on your card.

• Bingo sites should be secure enough for you to enter your bank details without a worry, but if you’re still reluctant, then Paysafecard allows you to deposit funds without entering any bank details at all – you don’t even need a credit or debit card!

• Paysafecards are widely available and can be bought and topped up in convenient places like supermarkets or newsagents.

• You can top-up other digital wallets such as Skrill and NETELLER using your Paysafecard.

• If you’ve got an iPhone or Android mobile, you can download the Paysafecard app to help track your spending.

• Paysafecard offer a loyalty points scheme called my PLUS – every time you pay with your Paysafecard, you gain points which can be exchanged for rewards.


• Not all bingo sites accept Paysafecard (however, the majority do).

• There’s a time limit of 12 months to spend the cash on your card – after this period, £2 a month is taken from your remaining balance.

• If you don’t keep a record of your PIN and you lose the card, you’ll lose your cash.

• Some sites may have a transaction fee for using Paysafecard, which can vary from site to site.

• You can’t withdraw any winnings to the card – you need a bank account for your money to be paid into.

• Some sites require a debit/credit card to be registered for you to be eligible for bonuses.

• There can be hefty transaction fees for paying Paysafecard funds into Skrill or NETELLER, so make sure it’s necessary before you move any money between accounts.


We think that Paysafecard is a great method to deposit initial bingo funds – you will have to work through wagering requirements before you can withdraw winnings, anyway, so if you’re looking to try out a new site or you just want to play bingo for the first time, Paysafecard might be an ideal option for you. It’s easy to impose a limit on your spending if you’re strapped for cash, and it’s simple to manage multiple PINs in your online account. With plenty of bingo sites accepting Paysafecard already – and more compatible sites launching all the time – you’ll never run out of options.