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£130K Win for 18 Year Old Bingo Novice

How’s this for luck? 18 year old Abbie Doughty only started playing bingo with her mother a month ago, but the last time she visited her local club she won a whopping £130,000!
The teenage bingo novice from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, got a full house when she played only her fourth ever game at Apollo Bingo in Barrow.

She not only scored a full house, with an expected jackpot of £101, but was also fastest in the country to do so and won with a final ‘star number’ to scoop the huge jackpot of £130,000.

Abbie says she plans to split her winnings with her mother, who is a care home worker. She also wants to give some of the money to charity.

“Mum and I always split the money 50/50 when we go, no matter how much we win”, she said.

“My grandad is sick with cancer, so I’m going to give some to a cancer charity and some to a homelessness charity. It’s something I don’t like to see, so I hope I can help.”

Miss Doughty said when she called out bingo everyone started staring at her and shouting, but didn’t understand why.

“I didn’t know what to do, I knew that the full house was for £101, but then the money just kept piling up.

Abbie netted the additional £25,000 when she completed her card after just 40 numbers were called: ” I got an extra £25,000 for being the first call in the country, meaning I was the first to the full house on the national game.

She was even luckier when she called full house on number 80, which has  star on it. Calling full house on a number marked in this way is known as a ‘star number’ – with the prize building each day to a maximum of £250,000, until someone wins it.

Abbie comments on this last moment: “Then I found out that I had won on the star number which meant that I won £100,000. It was like a dream!

“I’m so thankful to mum for asking me to come along now, because it’s brilliant to have won.

“She’s really excited too, though I think she will just spend her half on the house.”

Congrats to Abbie and her mother!

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