Bargain Bingo Games at Paddy Power Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: January 20th, 2016

If you’re looking for a sale this January then you could do a lot worse than the bargain bingo games at Paddy Power Bingo. These games will keep you hunting for jackpots without spending more than a few quid.
These jackpot bingo games are known as the early bird special on the site, as they play out early in the day. They start at 9am, so not exactly the crack of dawn, and continue until 12pm, when the later birds come out. Although these games are great value they’re played out in the Gold room, where all that glitters is gold. Each game that you take part in won’t cost more than 2p, so you can max out your cards for under £2 in every game.

This offer finishes up on the 29th of January and until then you can cash in your bingo tickets on this site. These games are accessible on mobile devices too, so you’re never far from a win on this site. The Paddy Power Bingo site doesn’t just offer penny bingo, they also have a load of other bargain bingo games nestled into this site too.

Plenty of their rooms offer cut price and BOGOF tickets throughout the day, so there are loads of bargains to pick from. Their Speed Trap room is a speed bingo bonanza, and tickets here can cost as little as 2p a bingo card. A lot of their other rooms are named for gems, like pearl and topaz, but there’s no need to worry – you won’t need to spend a fortune to play here.

They also have free bingo games with £10 jackpots in their bingo newbie rooms and these can be played for a 10 days after your first deposit. If you want to get even more to play with then be sure to claim their welcome offer!

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