Betway Bingo TV Ad Washes Stereotypes Right Out Of Its Hair

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: July 31st, 2014

Bingo players. Of a mature age, female, and dare we say it, a bit dull. Right? Wrong!
 We all know the stereotypes that get banded about, but it’s only really us bingo players ourselves that know how wrong they are! We know we certainly don’t all fit that description!

Betway know this too, and to prove it they’re releasing a brand new TV campaign on Friday August 1st!

Gaming giants Betway have conquered the online gambling industry with their great network of sports, vegas, casino and poker casino games. Famous for their big jackpots, offers and regular promotions, Betway now want to conquer the online bingo world too!

Yes, Betway have announced news that we’ve all been waiting for; they’ve launched a brand new bingo site for players in the UK! Having already launched in Spain, Betway are now rewarding their UK players for their loyalty and passion for the beautiful game of bingo.

After the April 2014 revamp of their site, Betway are clearly in the mood for self-improvement with this new venture into the world of bingo.

Following the lead of the revamped sites, Betway Bingo is polished, slick and modern. There’s a clear move to try and change the traditional view of who plays bingo, with a youthful approach to overall design and marketing.

This is definitely the case with the TV advert that is due to debut on screens tomorrow, breaking the momentous news. In a very fresh and exciting concept, it challenges the misconceptions about bingo that many have, and also encourages the key youth market to take up playing the game online.

 Lucy’s story is the latest offering in the company’s ‘Betway Stories’ campaign which also includes adverts for Betway’s other sites – Sports, Vegas and Casino.

Lucy is a young hairdresser who is regularly invited to go and play bingo with her older clients, but is always forced to decline saying that she is “too young” to play.

But the real story is that Lucy prefers to play online with Betway Bingo, and so this advert is strongly sending out the message that not all players are of the older generation. Anthony Werkman, head of marketing at Betway says “This latest launch allows us to connect with another key gaming demographic that have been keen to see bingo added to our established line of existing gaming options.”

For us at WDW Bingo, none of this is new information of course. We are a lively vibrant bunch who mix with people of all ages and enjoy chatting with the very youngest to the oldest! We certainly don’t need to be encouraged to get on the sites and enjoy games of bingo.

So why not take this as a good opportunity and go visit the new Betway Bingo site? They’re kicking off with all guns blazing by offering all new players a £15 no deposit bonus, plus a huge 500% bonus!

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