Bingo Blogger of The Week No.6

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

Mummy Vs Work

Mummy Vs Work

To sum up for all you WDW newbies out there (don’t worry, we love you just as much as our regulars!) we always appoint a weekly bingo blogging star.

We search the internet for bingo-related blog posts that we find passionate, well-written and exciting. Of course these blog posts must come from real people with plenty of emotion, not faceless corporations. It’s like the bingo version of ‘star of the week’ awards in primary school.

This week’s award goes to Paula for her blog: MummyVsWork! Paul, age 28, is a bright and cheerful blogger, laughing even at her own jokes. Armed with two adorable children, a sweet tooth and a passion for photography, she set out online to make her mark on the big wide web.

Let’s read the guest post that won Paula blogger of the week, shall we?

Confessions of a Bingoholic

As parents we have to get our priorities straight. Frazzled from shuffling between home and work to taking care of kids, the few hours left to ourselves literally mean a lot. Today I’m going to fess up to something very few know about.

Lately I started indulgin in online bingo games – my top secret delight! And no I’m not a grey haired, old lady playing a game hard for the opposite sex to understand. Bingo stereotypes have existed for years now. Before I was introduced to the wonderful world of bingo, even I used to indulge in name-calling and type-casting. However, today I’m proud to be a part of the enormous crowd who love playing bingo.

A typical bingo session lasts an hour or so. I typically play for 15-20 minutes, rest of the time I chat with people who I’ve practically never met. The social aspect of bingo is heavenly. Its a great bonding ground for those who are gregarious types. Online bingo has a community of folks to tap in, indulge in a lively banter and on winning have a moment to share with a large group.

Online bingo is an ideal opportunity fo rmums to occupy and forget everyday niggles. Occasionally, after a tedious day’s work, I let my hair down, then indulge in a glass of wine and a game of bingo.

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