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  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

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To sum up for all you WDW newbies out there (don’t worry, we love you just as much as our regulars!) we appoint a new bingo blogging star every week.

We search the internet for bingo-related blog posts that we find passionate, well-written and exciting. Of course these blog posts must come from real people with plenty of emotion, not faceless corporations. It’s like the bingo version of ‘star of the week’ awards in primary school.

This week’s award goes to The Go-To Mum!  She gives a really simple explanation of how to play bingo, where to play and even why to play. It’s easy for anyone to understand. Not to mention, she’s got a brilliant, quirky sense of humour to keep you on the edge of your seat. Our favourite line was definitely “Yes, the game that Granny used to play with her friends on a mid-week afternoon”. Haha! Plus, check out that jazzy blog picture!

This mum just won’t stop going. She’s starting a university degree on top of running the family home as well as supporting her husband’s business and her own! Whew, just thinking about it makes me exhausted! Yet, she still has time to run her only blog with some truly professional looking photography and great family days out.

Let’s read the post that won this go-to blogger our weekly award!

Why do people enjoy bingo so much?

When you live a busy life, there’s not that much time for simple entertainment, and many of us have now started grabbing a few minutes of fun when we can through online or mobile gaming. With the huge selection of games that we now have at our disposal – through the internet, social media such as Facebook and on our mobile phones – it’s not surprising that the number of gamers is on the rise, meaning that today you’re in the minority if you don’t game rather than a decade ago when gamers were the odd ones out.

It might come as a bit of a surprise that one of the most popular online and mobile games being played at the moment is bingo. Yes, the game that Granny used to play with her friends on a mid-week afternoon is now drawing in over 100 million players worldwide online. But once you’ve tried this fun and simple game, you’ll see why so many people enjoy it. If you’ve never played online bingo, don’t worry, it’s really easy to join a site and start playing. There’s a huge amount of competition amongst the sites for new players and many of them, like 32red, Gala and 888bingo, offer no-deposit bonuses for people to try out games on their sites before they put their own money into an account. You’ll see that there’s £10 free for new players when they sign up and register an account. If they go on to make a deposit, there’s an extra £32 of credit for every £10 that they pay in, so it’s a deal that is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Once you start playing the games, you’ll see that the bonus money will go a long way – games only cost a few pence to play and some of them are free. It’s another way the bingo sites reward player loyalty – with free games that have cash prizes to play for. The possibility of winning cash prizes when you play a game of chance is obviously part of its appeal, especially as you don’t have to ‘do’ anything to win apart from join the game. Once you’ve done so, you can sit back and watch your card’s progress as the number calls are made, or do something else entirely, knowing that if you have a win, it will be automatically registered.

That leads us to another attraction of playing bingo. While the game takes care of itself, you can socialise on the site in the bingo chat rooms. For mums who are at home with young children, it can be great to know you can join a conversation with other adults whenever you feel like it. Bingo chat rooms are busy places, there’s always someone to talk to there and the chat moderator makes sure all the players feel included, sometimes with the additional fun of some chat games where you can win extra prizes.

Another appealing aspect of online bingo is that you can play just about any time of day or night. The sites run 24hour schedules, so game is always about to start somewhere. It’s an ideal way to fill five minutes that you have spare, or while you’re waiting for your child’s ballet lesson or football session to finish and you’re sitting in the car.

The reasons why online bingo appeals to people old and young, male and female, are because it’s a game that is easy and fun to play, good value and always accessible. Added to that it’s also a social outlet for anyone who is seeking company – it’s no wonder so many of us have signed up!

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