Bingo Woman Hears of Her Death!

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: February 19th, 2015

Now this is a bizarre story!
52 year old Trisha Meikle from Neath in South Wales was very shocked to hear the latest rumour doing the rounds on Facebook.

Not surprisingly, because the rumour was that she had died!

Businesswoman Trisha came home from work to tearful hugs from neighbours, and was horrified to find out that everyone believed that she had died after getting drunk at the bingo.

Her friends had even started a whip-round for her funeral expenses!

Airport shuttle owner Ms Meikle had to assure her friends and neighbours that of course the rumours were false and that she was still very much alive!

She said: “The rumour was I had gone to bingo, got drunk, went home and dropped down dead – I don’t even drink.

“I even heard that in Neath market they were having a whip-round for my funeral.

“My next door neighbour came up to me and hugged me. She said: “I heard that you had died!”

“’I’m going on holiday next week – I’m lucky it didn’t happen then as I’m away for a week.”

Trisha thinks the rumour could have been started by a business rival, attempting to ruin her airport shuttle business.

She said: “I’m absolutely fuming. I haven’t been able to sleep all night. I am going to see my solicitor about this.”

Trisha assured customers that there are ‘no problems’ with her transport company, and they should get in contact if they have any concerns.

Ms Meikle said a man she knows has since approached her and apologised for being behind the posts on Facebook.

Well, we’re glad that all got cleared up!

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