Bingo Site Redesign Bingo Hollywood

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: February 24th, 2016

Anyone accustomed to playing at Bingo Hollywood will know that they always have a full page of exciting promotions. Prior to this week these could be hard to find but that’s no longer the case, as the bingo site has had a makeover.
The home page and lobby appear the same but players will notice a huge difference when they pop into the promotions page. Instead of the old list of promotions players will now find a hot pink series of boxes. Each of these contains a picture that when you mouse over it will display more information on the promotion.

Players can then click through to the promotional page to find out more and also to join in. This new page of the site looks fantastic, and it’s so much easier to find what promotions you’re looking for. The pictures and new colour scheme make it even more eye catching too, so you’ll be looking all over the place to find which ones you want to join in on.

The promotions on this bingo site have always been great, and they’re always being updated with more too. That’s why it has made such a difference to have this area of the site streamlined and made even better than ever. The promotions in this area will give players bingo bonuses, chances to win prizes and even chat tourneys – so it’s nice to have them all laid out well.

This is where you’ll find all the info on their latest deposit offer too, so if you’re a bargain hunting bingo player then you’ll want to check in here often. You’ll be able to grab all the offers you want and keep an eye out to see whenever they bring out a new one. You can even filter them based on what sort of promotion you want, whether it’s a jackpot or a bonus.

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