Bingo Winners Match £11 million Lotto Numbers

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: June 18th, 2015

Flory Bingo Lottery CoupleA married couple could have struck gold this week in the £11 million lottery, but instead walked away with just 50 quid.


Pub managers at the Cumberland Arms in Bishop Auckland, Dave and Marie Flory regularly host their own version of the weekly flutter called Lottery Bingo. It was with great shock that the bingo ball numbers drawn matched the same day’s National Lottery result exactly. Having guessed all six numbers correctly, Dave and Marie won the modest pub prize money on Saturday 13th June, but missed out on the jackpot of their dreams.

When asked to comment, Mr Flory said “It’s never happened before. We used to be entertainments managers at Crimdon. We used to do [Lottery Bingo] there. All the time we were there I’ve never known six numbers come out.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Flory, 48, said: “I check the numbers every Sunday morning. When [Dave] came back from the shop I said ‘You’ve six numbers’ and he thought I was winding him up. So we went on the internet and checked how many [jackpot] winners there were and there weren’t any. It was gutting. We got £50 instead of eleven-and-a-half million.”

When asked how they would have spent the money, Mrs Flory gushed about her daughter’s wedding and her own 30th wedding anniversary fast approaching. That money could have helped make proceedings all the more special. She also lamented the missed opportunity for holidays! Wouldn’t we all?

Regretful of his mistake, Mr Flory has vowed to enter these same numbers in next week’s national lottery draw instead. “You might be talking to me in a couple of week’s time – but I doubt it,” he jokes. Well, good luck to him from everyone at WDW Bingo!

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