Birkenhead Couple Get Engaged at Mecca Bingo Hall

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  • Updated: July 11th, 2017

Birkenhead Couple Get Engaged at Mecca Bingo Hall

Two regulars at Mecca Bingo‘s Birkenhead branch, Kayleigh Delamere and Aaron Stott, got engaged at the bingo hall when Stott popped the question in a surprise proposal.
A video of the proposal has been shared over 100,000 times on Facebook, with many comments from well-wishers.

Aaron Stott told the Liverpool Echo: “I can’t believe how many people have watched it. With Kayleigh’s job she doesn’t get to go out much, so when she can we usually go the bingo so I thought it’d be nice to do it there. We usually go and have a few pints, Kayleigh usually has a pint of Coke, and something to eat. We go as much as we can – sometimes it’s not very often but sometimes it can be a few nights a week.”

The proposal was made with the help of a bingo caller, and took Stott several days of planning.

“I went down to the bingo earlier that day to arrange it but it wasn’t until about 5 o’clock on the night that it got confirmed. They switch managers in the afternoon so I had to speak to the later manager to get it all OK’d. There’s always a 15 minute break where they play a short game, but there’s always a break and she [the bingo caller] did it in the break.”

The plan was successful, as it took Kayleigh Delamere completely by surprise.

“I had absolutely no idea anything was going on,” Delamere commented. “It was a complete surprise, but we both love to go to the bingo together, so I think that’s why he picked there.”

It also seems like the joy of the event got to the bingo caller – who became a little emotional at the proposal! And it was apparent that those were not the only dry eyes in the bingo hall that day.

“She did get a bit teary eyed, everyone clapped for us and everyone was saying congratulations,” said Stott. “We celebrated with a bottle of prosecco afterwards.”

The Echo asked the couple if they’d consider getting married at Mecca Bingo following the proposal.

Kayleigh joked: “No! We won’t have a big wedding we’ll probably get married in a registry office I think.”

Information and image source: The Liverpool Echo

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