Blast from the Past Big Bingo Win

We associate big bingo wins with those occurring in recent years, however it was not unheard of for people to have some huge bingo wins back in the day!

In 1995 one family was celebrating a very large bingo win, thanks to the head of the family – 63 year old widow Margaret Kelly.

Margaret won the massive prize of £84,000 when she was playing bingo at Globe Bingo in the High Street of the Scottish town of Johnstone.

She was delighted after spending 30 years trying for a jackpot prize at the local centre.

She told the Gazette for the area: “I was sitting playing bingo with my niece when the number 44 which I had chosen came up.

“Then suddenly the bingo people told me that I had won the lot and everyone was quite excited.”

Margaret plans to splash out on a holiday for son Michael, 31, daughter Elizabeth Baker, 35, and her children Andrew, 10, and Lisa, 13.

We wonder how the win has affected the family in the years since 1995? We hope they achieved all they wanted to from the windfall, and perhaps 20 years on, are still enjoying some of the win!

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