Celebrity Calls at Bingo Club's Birthday

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: June 29th, 2015

Antony Cotton Bingo Caller

Coronation Street star, Antony Cotton, appeared at the Apollo Bingo Social Club in Barrow last Friday.


To celebrate the club’s 16th birthday, Antony took up the job of bingo caller for the evening, blasting out numbers to an excited crowd. The money raised in this charity bingo event was for Variety, which helps local children.

Tickets sold out with over 500 people attending. Gift boxes of chocolate were given to each guest as an additional thank you for their support and loyalty to the club. Safe to say, the night shaped up to be one of the biggest bingo events of 2015, starting from 4:30pm and continuing long into night time.

Antony jokes about having a lot of experience with the job, since his much loved character Sean Tully was also a dab hand at bingo.  He comments “I love bingo, my character in Coronation Street was a bingo caller for a short while so I have done my fair share of visits to bingo halls. It’s safe to say I know how to call a game of bingo.”

The general manager, Paul Hollands, added: “We wanted to throw a party and to invite all our customers. An audience is an audience, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a theatre or a bingo hall. They all had a good sense of humour and it’s something I really enjoy doing.”

Its not all about the bingo though. Apollo Bingo club had yet another surprise for the evening; the opening of a new social lounge. Guests also enjoyed live entertainment from a One Direction tribute band as well as a free teatime session, munching on delicious pastries and kicking back with a cuppa.

Mr Hollands concluded that “This event is something we have been planning for a long time and the company has spent a vast amount of money on the new lounge area. We are trying to get the social side back into the game.”

Inspired? Why not organise your own bingo night for the local community! It’s a fun way to raise money, make new friends and just plain have fun!

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