Charity Bingo Host's Last Call

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: March 23rd, 2015

75 year old Hazel Phillippo was the host at fundraising bingo for the last time this weekend just past, and it was the end of quite an era!
Hazel, from Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes in the last 25 years that she has been a bingo fundraising host.

She has raised more than £200,000 alone to keep her village youth club going, and was awarded the MBE for her outstanding work for the club.

Her prize bingo sessions have most recently been held in nearby Long Sutton.

But the St Matthew’s Drive Community Centre in Sutton Bridge received £300 at the event it held on Saturday 14th March, while Sutton Bridge in Bloom received £500 this past weekend.

Hazel has had plenty of helpers in the past years, and says together they have raised “hundreds and thousands of pounds” for good causes, including the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn and local schools.

The pensioner made the decision to leave her bingo fundraising host role so that she could have a little more time for herself, but she will still keep busy!

She said: “I have been doing it for 25 years. It’s been a long while, and I have just decided to have a little bit of life to myself.”

Hazel will still have “jobs” – including caring for her elder brother Roland, 86. Other activities she’ll be getting up to are taking patients to hospital through her work with a voluntary car service, running a Monday luncheon club for elderly people at The Anchor pub in Sutton Bridge, and co-ordinating the Diamond Social Club, which meets on Tuesdays at the Curlew Centre.

She added: “I go line dancing myself. I have quite a lot to do.”

Good on Hazel for all her fundraising efforts through bingo, and we think she is well due a welcome break! We’re glad to hear she will still keep busy otherwise though!

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