Charity Bingo in Memory of Grandmother

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: May 29th, 2015

A woman from Carlton in Nottinghamshire is holding a charity bingo night in memory of her much loved nan who died from dementia earlier this year.
Lisa Evans, 43, lost her grandmother Joan Hughes at the age of 88. She was suffering from dementia – a disease that affects 850,000 people in this country alone.

The reason for a charity bingo night in honour of Lisa’s nan is explained by Mrs Hughes’ love of going out to play bingo. Lisa says: “Nan used to play four or five times a week. She just loved a game of bingo. It was her social life.

“She would even ask us not to tell granddad that’s where she was again.”

The charity bingo night will take place at the Elwes Arms pub in Oakdale Road, Carlton, on Saturday 6th June. It will be raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Lisa says: “It was a spur-of-the-moment thing to decide to do this event, and after seeing what patients, their carers and families go through, I realised how important it was to raise money and awareness for the cause.”

Dementia is a chronic disorder caused by brain disease or injury and characteristically affects memory, personality and reasoning.

Lisa believes her nan’s love of bingo help to keep her brain active and delayed the onset of the dementia.

Danielle Hindle, community fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society in the East Midlands supports this theory: “Bingo is an excellent activity for people to take part in as it helps to keep the brain active, which is one of the contributory factors that may help us to retain our memory skills for longer.

“Reading, keeping a diary, doing puzzles or quizzes and playing games are all ways to exercise the mind and, along with a healthy lifestyle, can help keep people physically and mentally healthy.

“We would very much like to thank Lisa for organising her bingo event to raise much needed funds.”

Other big organisations are getting involved in the charity bingo event too.

Gala Bingo has given Lisa bingo cards, a bingo wheel and daubers.

Alistair Logan, head of promotions in Gala’s marketing team said: “We wish Lisa and her family all the best for this event.

“Monies raised will go to such a worthy cause.

“Bingo is all about community spirit and we are delighted we could help where we could.”

Local businesses have also participated by donating prizes – including entry to Eden Hall, a luxury day spa.

Comedian John Bishop, who comes from Liverpool just like Lisa’s family, has offered a signed DVD.

He is an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society and Lisa had emailed him on the off-chance. His wife ended up getting him to sign a DVD and posting it straight to them.

Lisa’s friend, Sara Nadin, 40, also of Carlton, said: “Lisa is an amazing, selfless person who loved her nan very much.

“Through her experiences, I have seen what dementia and Alzheimer’s can do to a person and their family.

“It is truly a terrible condition and I’m glad Lisa is raising awareness about it.”

We wish everyone involved the very best of luck in supporting such an emotional and worthy cause.

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