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This month at Bet365 Bingo they’re giving their players the chance to win the trip of a lifetime. They have all winners finale bingo games that will give the winner the choice of where they want to go. This is the perfect promotion for those who want to beat the winter blues with a trip to their ideal destination.

Each week on the site they have a new game in which players can earn their entries for free. These games take place at the end of the week and through the week players must bingo in qualifying games to get in. Players can also pay £1 per ticket to these games, which will find them playing for those trips away.

Every day players can pop into the Check In room to start earning their tickets in featured games. They’ll earn one free bingo ticket for every 1L, 2L or FH win on these games, which take place five times a day. Tickets to these games cost between 5p and 10p so they could be a way to get more tickets for your money. These can pay out a maximum of 36 cards to that week’s finale game, which will take place at 9pm on Sundays. The tickets must be used that week, as they don’t roll over into the next week.

The prizes for this game are excellent and players will be feeling the love if they nab one of the top prizes. The FH winner in each of these games will win a £1,500 holiday voucher that they can use to travel wherever they wish. The 2L winner will take home a £50 bingo bonus and 1L will receive a £25 bingo bonus too – so there are loads of prizes on offer. Any players who don’t win will still receive a share of a £250 bingo bonus prize pool.

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