Costa Bingo’s End of Year Bingo Bonus Jackpot Celebration

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Costa Bingo have been rolling out extra bingo bonus jackpots for the last few days but all good things must come to an end. To finish this off they have five penny bingo games with cash jackpots exclusively for their players. These games are enticing and will keep players amused all day long with loads of cheap tickets up for grabs.

There are five of these games on the 31st of December and the 1st of January, so there’s plenty of opportunities to make a jackpot happen. The games start at 12pm with a penny bingo game for a £50 jackpot to get the ball rolling. Then, at 3pm, things start to heat up with tickets at 2p and a jackpot of £100 which sees this site getting even better. Next the 6pm game keeps things on an even keel with 3p per ticket for a £150 jackpot for players.

The last two games of the night are the best, as they boast the largest jackpots. At 9.30pm the tickets go up to 4p a piece but the all-important jackpot reaches a high of £200. The last game has a 5p ticket price but features the best jackpot of the night, which sits at a brilliant £250.

Each of these games are 90 ball bingo games so each jackpot is split between the top three players in the game. The Full House, 2L and 1L winners all receive their share of the prize in these bingo games and this will give them all the funds they need to dive into other bingo games. These games are great value for money and can be particularly exciting for those on a longer day of bingo fun. The increasing jackpots and ticket prices makes this even better too, and there’s never a dull moment on this site.

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