Crack the Safe for a Bingo Jackpot at Foxy Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 14th, 2018

If you could see yourself as a safecracker and want to try your luck at this task then Foxy Bingo have just the bingo jackpot for you. They’re giving their players the chance to win big on their additional game until the end of this week.
Each day you can get your hands on an extra jackpot when you play on this game and the going is good for players. They can earn from just 50p to £100 and this can be delivered as a bingo bonus or casino cash to play with online.

To play in this mini game bingo fans must get online with the site and play in the Safecracker mini game, which is totally free. All you have to do to use it is to be a funded player on the site, meaning that you have deposited at least once.

In the game players must use all of their skills to get into the safe and reveal their prize bonus, whether it’s for bingo or casino cash. If you’re a bingo fan and receive casino cash then you can always use this to try out some new instant games. The prize given will be revealed immediately and then credited within the hour.

These always go down well with bingo players as they add in a bit more fun into your day to day bingo time. These games are fantastic in between bingo games and there’s no need to wait for a game to start, as they can be accessed instantly. The other positive aspect about these games is that you can choose your bet, instead of paying a fixed fee like those on bingo tickets. This allows you to use the bonus that you win in as many games as you like, whether you want to spend pennies or pounds on each spin of the slot game.


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