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Daniel Radcliffe Gets a Soaking Playing Innuendo Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: August 19th, 2014

A favourite with Radio 1 fans, the game “Innuendo Bingo” is guaranteed to have celebrities soaked in laughter!
The format is that a celebrity, along with Scott Mill’s radio star Chris Stark, tries not to laugh at accidental innuendos while their mouths are full of water.

Today it was Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe’s turn at the hilarious water-based game!

The studio floor was covered in waterproof tarpaulin, the microphone similarly protected and the 25 year old was ready to take his place, plastic cup in hand.

Scott Mills was sceptical as to whether such a big star would go along with such a game, but Radcliffe took up the challenge with bundles of enthusiasm, despite knowing he was likely to get covered in Chris Stark’s spit!

Mills had found some especially classic innuendos, as well as a few new ones to try and make the game extra funny and extra wet!

Gems included biscuit bashing, back passage references, cyclists being blown off on their way to work and something rude about Stephen Fry helping his cousin off a horse.

Therefore it wasn’t surprising that by the end of the game, Radcliffe was completely and utterly soaked!

We dare you to keep a straight face next time an unintended pun or joke gets made at the next bingo game you go to!

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