DOND Bingo at Bucky Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: February 2nd, 2016

Deal or No Deal, or DOND, bingo is a highly popular game and now those at Bucky Bingo can enjoy it. This game has been added in a new bingo room to the site and players are already going head to head with the banker.
DOND Bingo is a 90 ball game but the real fun starts after the FH is won. The lucky player will then start playing Deal or No Deal, in the same way that players do on TV. If you’ve ever wanted to join in with Noel and the gang then you’ll enjoy this part of the game.

The winning player will whittle it down to two boxes and then that red phone will ring. It is, of course, the banker calling and he’ll make players an offer. They can either choose to go for the uncertainty of the box or take the deal – which will have every player on the edge of their seat.

The players who aren’t playing in the DOND round will still be spectating and they’re free to offer their opinion. They’ll take part in a poll to recommend what the winning player’s course of action should be, so there’s a bit of excitement for everyone.

When the winner selects their box or offer the wait will be over and the jackpot revealed. Then it’s time for players to despair or rejoice, depending on the outcome and the whole game begins again. The additional round adds some time onto these bingo games, so they’re not quite as fast as regular 90 ball bingo. This extra time adds more to the excitement factor of the game, however and can kick bingo up a notch for players. If you think that you have what it takes to take on the banker and win a bingo jackpot then try your luck at Bucky Bingo this month.

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