Dream Bingo Telly Time

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: June 2nd, 2015

Dream Bingo enters into partnership with Channel 4 as the sponsor of their new, up and coming game show “Benchmark”, hosted by popular TV personality Paddy McGuinness.

Contestants will be forced to work with 10 random members the public, known as ‘The Benchmarkers’, who answer questions on their behalf. With thousands of pounds worth of prizes at stake, tensions run high and tempers even higher!

Dream Bingo negotiated a short ident which will run during the show, in return for their sponsorship. This special advert will depict a ‘Dream Team’, traveling the country to pick up dreams from bingo players.

It is predicted that this deal will be extremely lucrative for all parties involved, even Starcom MediaVest Group who brokered the six figure contract. Andrea Brown, managing director of the Starcom Mediavest branded content division, said: “Our partnership with Channel 4 and Dream Bingo highlights Starcom MediaVest Group’s strong collaborative nature. We consistently bring together brands and their target audiences in the right environment that not only bring new audiences but also deepen the relationship with existing audiences. This partnership gives Dream Bingo prime time access to their target audience of bingo lovers.”

Benchmark begins its run weekday for six weeks this week; including five Friday night celebrity specials. Time to turn on your telly box!

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