Elderly Couple Break Hips On Walk to Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: October 20th, 2014

Lindon and Cath Henry are currently in hospital and needing surgery following an unfortunate identical accident; they both fell over on footpaths which had only recently been given a multi-million pound makeover.
The footpaths are located on Stafford Street in the Staffordshire town of Hanley. Council leaders there have spent millions of pounds on new paving and seating.

81 year old Cath of Bentilee was walking arm in arm with Lindon when her walking stick got stuck in the new pavement design.

As a result, she fell over and 80 year old Lindon also crashed to the ground as he tried to save his wife.

Cath said: “I thought we were going for a nice night out at the bingo and then next thing I’m in hospital.”

Lindon, 80, said: “As we started to walk to Gala Bingo, Cath linked our arms and we started to cross the road.

“My wife suddenly got her stick caught fast in the grooves on the pavement and started to fall over. As our arms were still linked she tried to shove me away. I tried to save her but we just went over. Cath was flat out on the ground and we were both quite shaken up. I was just in shock when it happened and I panicked. I was so worried about her.”

Luckily members of the public were there to help out before an ambulance took them to hospital. They are now set to spend weeks in hospital and are stuck in beds at opposite ends of the same ward.

Mr Henry described the terrain on which the accident happened: “The pavement there is very bumpy and it is bad for disabled people trying to walk over. The council wants to repave it.

“I know we’re not getting any younger, but when you walk on those grooves you’re over. I understand they need to be there, but it is terribly unstable for older people and those with walking sticks.”

One of their children, Sam Henry, 51, said: “I was completely shocked. They had gone out for a game of bingo and then they end up in hospital needing operations on broken hips.”

Councillor Ruth Rosenau, cabinet member for transportation, said: “This is a most unfortunate accident and our very best wishes go to Mr and Mrs Henry.”

She added that the council had been working with the RNIB, Guide Dogs UK and Action for Blind People in relation to the pavement improvement works, and that the raised surface along the edge of the paving area is necessary to distinguish between pedestrian and vehicle routes.

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