Free Bingo for Adrian's Birthday

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: November 28th, 2014

A man who has lived in the Staffordshire village of Swinscoe all his life is holding a night of free bingo to celebrate his 60th birthday on Friday 5th December.

Adrian Clowes is inviting people to the free grocery bingo session on Wednesday 3rd December at 8pm in Swinscoe Village Hall.

He has been involved in the fortnightly bingo session in the community for the last 50 years.

When he isn’t at the bingo, he works part-time as a volunteer at the Douglas Macmillan shop in Derby Street, Leek.

Despite his cheery exterior, Adrian is no stranger to tragedy.

“I suffered a stroke when I was just 18, which doctors said was very rare for my age. It has left me disabled but I have managed to carry on helping people.

“I have been involved in the bingo session nights in the village hall since day one. At just 10 years of age I used to sell books in the interval.

“I have made lots of friends over the last 50 years of bingo playing.

“My late dad, Tom, started it off in an effort to raise funds for the village hall. People now come from a wide area to the bingo nights.”

Despite his disability, Adrian has always liked helping people who are less fortunate than him.

“When I was young and just left school, I helped my dad on his mobile shop which introduced me to many people.

“I now run the grocery bingo nights with my brother-in-law, Roy Sandall. I started volunteering at charity shops when I was 40.

“After I suffered the stroke I underwent physiotherapy for two years, but I suppose I am still recovering today. To help me celebrate my 60th birthday I want people to come and enjoy a free night of bingo.

“Old and new friends from across the area are most welcome to attend.”

Adrian married his wife, Elizabeth in 1980. She will also be celebrating her 60th birthday soon.

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