Free Bingo Jackpot Tickets at Costa Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: January 19th, 2016

If you’re looking for a free win this season then head over to the sunny Costa Bingo to get your hands on free bingo jackpot tickets. This jackpot game has top prizes and anyone who manages to win will be ecstatic at what they have on offer.
This jackpot is aimed at kids of all ages, whether they’re 4 or 40, and will see players heading off for many family days out. The jackpot consists of a family ticket to Legoland for a whole year, which covers two kids, two adults and two seniors too. This means everyone from grandpa to the toddlers can enjoy their day in this terrific theme park. These passes can be used until 2017, so there’s plenty of chances to go and enjoy the rides and Lego. There’s also £500 in spending money to go along with this prize, so you can splash out on lunch and toys for the children.

The bingo game, known as Build a Break, will play out on the 23rd of January at 10.30pm and players can collect free bingo tickets until the 21st. They’ll get one of these free cards for every £100 wagered on slots from now until the 21st, so splash out to get in this game. If slot games aren’t your thing then you can buy these bingo tickets in the lobby at a cost of £5 each, or 10 diamonds.

Those that don’t want to head to the amusement park can take the £1000 cash alternative instead. This jackpot prize is excellent and if you’re playing from outside the UK you’ll automatically get your prize in cash. Players can get up to 96 of these bingo tickets to make sure that they get the highest chances to get the prize and have a wonderful day out.

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