Gadgets A Go-Go at Fancy Bingo

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

If you’re a device loving technology fan (as well as an online bingo one too!), then you’ll be jumping for digital joy at the offer Fancy Bingo currently has.

Every month Fancy Bingo hosts four super cheap prize games, which run throughout the month. This August is most certainly gadget month!

We know these types of prizes will more than appeal to you if you’re looking to update your technology stash, or perhaps because the kids are driving you mad from being on summer holidays, and you need a way to keep them entertained!

If you play your bingo cards right you could be in with a chance of winning some great prizes! And what’s even better is that tickets cost just 1p or 2p. So there’s no excuse not to try and inject a little extra sunshine into your long summer days by winning some sizzling hot gadgets!

At the time of writing there are three games scheduled over the course of the month. In the first game at the very beginning of the month a player won an iPad shuffle for just a penny!

The next games are detailed as follows:

Saturday August 9th – tickets 1p. The winner will take home a portable DVD player.

Saturday 16th – tickets 2p. A Kindle is the prize up for grabs.

Saturday 23rd – tickets 2p.  If you win this game you’ll have a brand new Nintendo DSI to your name.

A portable DVD player is ideal for any long car journeys you might be taking this summer. The only problem you’ll encounter is deciding between the family as to what film you’re going to watch! It comes with 300 games to play on the go too.

There’s no more need to worry about taking a pile of books on away on holiday with you, all you need is a Kindle! Spend 2p on a ticket on Saturday 16th and you could soon be joining the ranks of the modern reader!

The Nintendo DSI is handheld, and therefore another perfect gadget for summer travels. It has 2 cameras and games can be downloaded anytime and anywhere using Wi-Fi!

Of course you’re probably wondering what happens if more than one player calls bingo on the same number. Well if this happens on a Fancy That prize game, the cash value of the prize will be split between all the valid claims.

And you should bear in mind that this promotion is only open to players who have deposited with Fancy Bingo. So if you’ve only ever claimed the £5 no deposit required bonus, not to worry. You can just fund your account with at least £5 and you’ll be ready to play in the Fancy That games!

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