Gala Bingo Give their Bingo Lobby a Makeover

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: January 18th, 2016

Regular players at Gala Bingo may have already noticed that their bingo lobby is not quite the same as always this month. There have been quite a few changes made to the site recently in a bid to make it better than ever.
The new look bingo lobby isn’t all just visual, there are plenty of real improvements to the way their players get online. It’s much quicker to load up and use for starters, which makes it even better to play on, as there’s no waiting around.

They’ve also made certain options easier to access, like the chat and account sections. This is ideal for players that know what they want and want to get their quickly. These changes have been implemented across all devices too, so it’s the same fab experience no matter how you play.

Within the games themselves there are now three mini games possible to access at one time. This is perfect for players that like another game going on in the background too, and more chances to win. Then, when the game is over, it’s even easier to get onto the next one and buy the amount of bingo tickets that you would like.

Rainbow Riches bingo has also been improved on the site and this bingo room has even more to offer players now. Finally, the bingo lobby has also been updated to include their new Emmerdale bingo game too.

These changes by Gala Bingo all make the bingo lobby that much simpler to use and faster to get online with. They’re making their site much better with these changes and this is wonderful news for their players. Any issues that players may have had with the bingo lobby in the past should now be resolved, so there’s nothing to stop you diving in and giving it a go.

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