GameVillage Debuts TV Advert

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 13th, 2018

GameVillage has been a familiar name with online bingo players since it burst onto the scene back in 2006. Now it has looked to take over the world of TV advertising too!
It re-launched itself due to player demand saw the current network unable to accomodate all the players wanting to be a part of the village – and moved to the Cozy Games network.

The latest move is to TV! Paul Simmonds, the spokesman of the company, said: “The TV ad, set in a quaint northern village with two bingo players gossiping in ‘bingo lingo’, is designed to resonate with a certain bingo audience. Ever since the re-launch of GameVillage Bingo in October 2014, we’re seeing players coming in large numbers with conversion rates going up to 62%. We are now a very different site compared to any other in the bingo industry, our own Lucky Duck Network is a combination of our many unique features and we have received positive reviews after we re-launched. We’re happy to see bingo players staying on with sites that continuously innovate and improve. Going the TV way was a natural progression to us once everything was set with the product, now that we are approaching a bigger market, the next few months will be exciting to watch.”

Our thoughts? The advert is very clever, and very funny! Featuring a cute fluffy cat and a hunky man (as well as Villagers speaking in bingo lingo of course), we think GameVillage knows us bingo players better than we think!

You can even get involved on Twitter – using the hashtag #bingolingo. You can find other Villagers across social media even more easily now!

If you haven’t visited or signed up with GameVillage yet, clearly now is definitely the time! Expect lots of contests and giveaways on the site to celebrate the TV ad bursting onto our screens!

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