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Hartlepool Jackpot

One lucky lady bagged herself a whooping £270,000 at a Carlton bingo hall last week, the largest sum of cash ever to be won in Hartlepool.
Although our modest winner prefers to remain anonymous, probably to escape from people looking to share the limelight, she is thought to be in her 30s. After spending just £2 to enter the National Game, she managed to get a full house with just 44 numbers. At the time, Carlton Bingo club itself was crowded with over 180 players!

This lucky low score filled up her bingo card fast, and she didn’t even know she had a chance at a National jackpot! Each club has a time window in which to play the game, so the player would not have known until a short while after the game had been completed that they had won the National Bingo Game prize.

Normally winning the National Game with a full house would get the player an impressive, but still reasonable £20,000 prize. However, the Hartlepool winner was met with an incredible surprise. Each ticket features two lucky star numbers, and if the player calls House on said number, they trigger a jackpot payout of anywhere between which could be anywhere between £50k and £250k! The jackpot is a prize that rises in value each day, hence there being thirteen jackpot winners in total. Our Hartlepool lady was in fact the fourth of these 13 to win the whole £250k! The Hartlepool winner only just made the cut, but made the cut she did, happily walking away with the windfall of a lifetime.

Manager of the bingo hall John Cowlishaw said the atmosphere on the night was electric, but the mystery woman took it all in her stride. He explained that “the last big win was about six or seven years ago when someone won over £100,000.”

Some of the things you can buy with this massive £270,000 jackpot include several new cars, a helicopter, your average house or a top-end city flat. With her cheque arriving in the next few days, the lucky lady certainly has some decisions to make!

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