Is Musical Bingo the Next Big Thing?

You might have heard of many forms of bingo, but have you ever heard of Musical Bingo?

Well if you haven’t, now’s your chance to read on and find out all about it!

The company behind Musical Bingo (catchily titled Indeedy Musical Bingo) have been introducing Londoners and New Yorkers to the game since 2007. Venues such as Shoreditch House, the National Theatre and even Isle of Wight festivals have all been lucky enough to host games.

How does it work?

Well, your card is marked with songs instead of numbers for a start; you then cross songs off your bingo card as you hear them.

The prizes you could win range from sandwich toasters to rounds of cocktails, spa treatments and bottles of champagne.

You can even play in different musical themes – 80s, rock anthems and drinking songs being just a few of the styles available.

The game can be played for any occasion too, with birthdays and events such as hen parties being popular. It can even be played at weddings!

If you want to enjoy some more traditional bingo now however, there are plenty of sites to choose from! Why not head over to Mirror Bingo?

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