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Iva 104 Reasons to Keep Bingo-ing!

Here’s a feel-good story for you WDW-ers!
We’ve already brought you a couple of stories about some of the older members of society thanking bingo for their longevity – only last week there was 94 year old Ethel Denney celebrating her birthday in her favourite bingo hall!

This week, we can impress you even further – a bingo player is hitting the headlines as she has just turned 104!

Iva Evans from Swindon is thought to be the oldest resident in sheltered accommodation in the town. The mother of two has been celebrating after she reached the impressive age of 104.

What does she credit for her long life?

Cheering on her favourite football team and wins at the bingo!

Iva spent her day surrounded by family and friends at Peter Furkins Court, where she lives. Then, true to form, she went for a game of bingo in the evening!

Before she indulged in her favourite hobby to round off her birthday in the evening, Iva spent the day looking through all the cards given to her by her neighbours.

She was also very pleased with the large bunch of flowers from Swindon Council’s sheltered housing team!

“I think it must be a good age to get to, if all these people coming in to see me is anything to go by.

“You’d better ask me next year when I’m 105 what it’s like.”

Originally from Shropshire, Iva moved to Swindon when her son Raymond relocated to the town some years ago.

The 104 year old is a keen gardener, gran and great gran. But Iva’s joint biggest (with football) passion is bingo.

“When I win at the bingo, I win three times over. Last time I won, I won five times in one night and it was £9 a house.

“People were saying ‘throw her out’ and ‘switch it off’. They wanted my chair because they thought I had a lucky chair.”

Well Iva, we think you deserve every bingo win you get! Happy birthday and here’s to plenty more to come.

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