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MOTD Bingo Makes Football Fun!

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: August 18th, 2014

Ladies, are you already fed up of your man hogging the TV so that he can watch the footie? We know the season has only just started, but we know of a way to make the rest of the time go much quicker!
The Premier League season has returned, and with it also your bloke wanting you to sit and watch football matches with him! However, there is a way of making this experience more bearable.

The Mirror give you “Match of the Day Bingo”! It is a printable bingo card with all sorts of things that footie fans might expect commentators, players, and related others, to say or do. Whenever one happens during a screening of a football match, just strike a box off.

The boxes include items such as: Gary Lineker makes a terrible pun, an on-screen graphic is wrong and a guy in mascot outfit does something silly.

Of course your man will probably think the whole game is hilarious, but if he’s going to make you sit and watch the football then you deserve a bit of fun at least!

We think this game is the next best thing to playing online bingo if you’re not able to enjoy a few games when the footie is on!

Of course the only problem will be when you’ve got a full house! But maybe you can just print off another bingo card for the next game….

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