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Man with Tourette's Banned From Bingo Hall

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 1st, 2014

23 year old Louis Bunn has been told never to come back to Leo Leisure Bingo in Eastbourne, after his tics started during a game last Sunday.
These tics which involve shouting and swearing started causing a stir among other players. Mr Bunn said he started off with inoffensive shouts of “whoop”, “wow” and “all the sixes”.

However when the caller and other players mocked him, he started shouting out more offensive phrases. Some were convinced his outbursts were a deliberate attempt to put other players off and to generally just cause disruption.

As he became more stressed by the situation, the tics got worse and soon a tirade of expletives started.

One of the other players told him to shut up as he was distracting her. He tried to respond by explaining his condition, but he instead involuntarily swore at her.

Things escalated to the point where Mr Bunn shouted out “Jimmy Savile’s got my leg”.

At that point, he was thrown out the club by bingo hall owner Peter Brown.


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