Mecca Bingo Shows Support for Bolton Hospice 'Colour Run'

  • Author: Dale
  • Updated: September 14th, 2018

Isn’t it nice when bingo companies (or any big companies for that matter!) take the time to give back to the public? Mecca Bingo has a true spirit of giving and this has been recently demonstrated by their willingness to support a new sporting event.
Even more impressive is Mecca bingo’s ability to really throw itself into events designed to help out those more in need. Especially if the topic immediately associated with the event isn’t necessarily bingo related.
Bolton Hospice is holding its first ever ‘colour run’, a 5K event which will see hundreds of runners get covered in coloured powdered paint as they run around Queens Park, off Chorley New Road on Sunday, August 31st.

Mecca Bingo has shown their support by getting involved in the event. They are reportedly sponsoring the pink powder paint station, and Bolton Hospice is hoping other businesses will do the same. With such a good cause looking for a little help, it would be hard for local companies to not want to play a part in this event.

Maria Passarello, events manager at Bolton Hospice said: “We are hoping that local companies like Mecca Bingo will get involved with this exciting and fun event that is proving to be very popular.”

Bingo companies getting involved with charity events like this can only be a good thing for everyone involved. Bolton Hospice should (as this news story is proof of) get more attention, specifically media attention, for their colour run, in addition to hopefully getting increased donations as a result. Mecca Bingo will get some excellent press to continue to improve their reputation as one of the UK’s best bingo companies, and of course one of the kindest!

It will be a day fun of fun and colour, as Maria Passarello stated: “We want everyone to celebrate life in colour and have a happy and fun day. It’s going to be messy and the most colourful fun run you have ever taken part in. We’re hoping to raise much needed funds for our hospice from this event.”

The powdered paint used is hygienically safe and has been tested to ensure it doesn’t cause any harm to participants, the environment or any wildlife.

Registration for runners costs £15 for adults and £10 for children. This includes a pair of neon sunglasses for every runner.

Initial hopes were to raise £10,000 for Bolton Hospice, but with Mecca now involved at least, this will more than likely rise! All sponsorship money will of course go towards the hospice.

So if you’re planning on being Bolton bound on Sunday August 31st, then you can decide to either dodge the masses running through the artistic coloured powered paints, or why not just join in!

For more details please visit the Bolton Hospice website.

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